Big travel plans for 321 this summer and fall!

Thank you so much to all of you who have come out to laugh with us the last couple of months. This month we’ve been on a little Florida tour and it’s been great! Tons of laughs, lots of seafood and even some disc golf out in the Florida sun.

We’re also looking forward to this summer when we’re going to be traveling like mad! Some summer camps, some conferences, some church outreach events, it’s going to be great! Hopefully we’ll get to laugh with you at one of those stops along the way.

If you miss us this summer, watch for us on the Mayhem and Misdirection Tour in the fall with our good friend, illusionist Harris III.

We were on tour with Harris in 2010 and it was a blast! We can’t wait to get back out there. If you haven’t seen Harris before, you’ll be amazed at his ability to confuse your mind with his skills of illusion.

We’re going to enjoy a little slow time to rest up and get ready. In the mean time we’ll still be connecting with you on Facebook and Twitter.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon. Keep on laughing!!



  1. Carl, we just saw u perform with CPR and u guys r awesome. U do jave somwthing special and I hope u’r new group 321 Improv comes close to Madison or Green Bay WI!!!! Safe travels to the whole crew and thank u for bringing so many laughs and smiles to us. We will be looking at getting u’r videos real soon so our 4 children to can see u guys. They will also love u guys. Hoping we can get the video of the Olympic Sheet Event and the Jello Corncob Snorkling. Bye guys and Thank u!!!! Sue

    • Thanx guys! That’s going way back with the CPR reference. :)

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