Excellent Devotional!

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I just read this from Pastor Chris Hodges. It’s fantastic! We get so distracted and give so much attention to earthly things that matter so little compared to our relationship with Jesus! ___________________________ Focus on Your Destination In 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, we see how Paul thrived in the wind-blast of God’s Spirit and sailed the adventure of a lifetime. Being shipwrecked and imprisoned, beaten and belittled, the guy never lost sight of his first love, and this passionate commitment grounded him regardless of his circumstances....

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Breaking Chains Tour with 321 Improv Comedy

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Big News! The Breaking Chains Tour is about to begin. We’ll be Breaking Chains with laughter and hopefully you’ll be able to join us! Starting at the end of January, we’ll be performing at some fundraiser events with our friends from Breaking Chains in Honduras. They do such great work with the people of Honduras and we are honored to get to help raise some awareness of what they do. We’d love for you to come out to laugh with us and hear some information about Breaking Chains! It will be an interactive evening and...

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Giving Thanx!

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I felt like this was a story I needed to share. We’ve been on a pretty crazy stretch this summer. For us, a crazy stretch consists of several nights in a row with shows in different states every night. We usually fly everywhere we go, so each day includes a couple of flights, maybe a short drive in a rental car, some rest at the hotel and then a show in the evening. When people ask us how they can pray for 321, the first thing we always ask is that they pray for our flights. When you fly this much, the odds say that you will be delayed or...

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Big travel plans for 321 this summer and fall!

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Thank you so much to all of you who have come out to laugh with us the last couple of months. This month we’ve been on a little Florida tour and it’s been great! Tons of laughs, lots of seafood and even some disc golf out in the Florida sun. We’re also looking forward to this summer when we’re going to be traveling like mad! Some summer camps, some conferences, some church outreach events, it’s going to be great! Hopefully we’ll get to laugh with you at one of those stops along the way. If you miss us this...

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ICOM, SICOM, ICYC & Jefferson City, Missouri

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It was another great weekend to be us! We traveled a little, laughed a lot and met some great people. In Indianapolis, we met up with our friend Riley Armstrong to hang out with all of you who traveled in from all parts of Indiana and beyond. It seemed like there were about 6 events going on at once at the Indianapolis Convention Center and we enjoyed them all. We got to do some jousting, we traveled to other planets and we played a ton of our favorite game, Jasper. We wandered around Indy eating Chick-fil-A, Steak & Shake and even some...

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It’s always good to laugh!

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What a great weekend! One of the things I love about what we get to do is the variety of events we get to be part of. This weekend we started out in St. Petersburg, Florida at a volunteer event for a great church called Bridgepoint. It was an amazing night of honoring the people who make sure everything gets done. You guys are doing some amazing things at Bridgepoint. It was great to get a little glimpse of what’s happening there! Then it was on to Rochester, Minnesota to see our friends at Hearts at Home. What a great organization...

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Laugh With a Purpose Tour

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October was a fun month. We got to spend some quality time with our friend Tom Richter on the Laugh With a Purpose Tour. Anytime we get together with Tom you can count on 2 things; lots of laughs, and even more board games. We did manage to fit in a few more things this time around. Including several nights of parking lot frisbee before the show and even 18 holes of disc golf. We spent a couple of nights in Canada and discovered that in addition to a Tim Horton’s on every corner, they also have some pretty tasty chicken wings. The tour...

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Bulldogs can laugh too!

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We had a great night tonight at Adrian College. We owe a big thanx to Crew and the Religious Life Council on campus for letting us join the fun. We arrived a little early and got some frisbee time in over at the Bulldogs football stadium. Then we wandered over to the Student Center for some big laughs. You guys had us on our toes. We climbed Adrian’s tallest mountain, we killed some bothersome dorm room spiders and Mike did his best Cinderella. I was a bit bothered by Matt’s dinosaur impersonation, but we made up for it with the...

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Party in Pittsburgh

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Hello Pittsburgh…and West Virginia…and Ohio… Thank you for letting us join you for all the fun tonight at the North Hills Church of Christ. We were able to fit in a lot of laughs and even some quality frisbee time in the parking lot. We started off the day with some third degree burns from the deep fryer at the BK Lounge. And we quickly moved to the crab boat captain wearing a Teletubbie costume. There was a little violence in that afternoon session when Matt let his puppy play with the invisible fence. And then that lady...

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