We love the good people of Oklahoma!

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Tonight our crazy schedule took us to the crazy people at Ray of Hope Church in Oklahoma. We played our favorite pre-show game, Juggling Ball Horse, and we got to meet Switch the Beat, the dance team that opened the night. You guys needed no warm up starting right off with suggestions like a kangaroo with Bieber hair. Nice! I think my favorite suggestion was the guy who came out of Michael Jackson’s belly button. That was fantastic! Thank you for bringing so much energy to our show. We definitely feed off that and it made it a fun night...

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Thank you Hills, Minnesota!

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Honestly I’m shocked that this was a first time event for the FCA in Hills, Minnesota. It was a great night full of fun, food and a wonderful feeling of community. You guys did a great job! We were just glad to be part of it! And we could tell this town is full of a bunch of weird people just like us. I mean who makes Elmo dress up in a tutu? Who combines a chicken and a platypus into a chicktypus? Who burps garbage??!! I really enjoyed the scene of Matt working in the retirement home feeding Mike his soup. That was fantastic! Another...

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Working and Laughing…

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We got to visit another Work Camp this week near Washington D.C. with our friends from the Arlington Diocese. And it was another amazing time! We had a little trouble getting there with some delayed flights, but we made it and it was a great night! I’m still a little concerned about that group from Leesburg. They’re a long way from normal, but to us that’s a good thing. We wandered a bit trying to figure out some of the suggestions. We had Cupid connecting people at Target when it was really just a garbage man wearing a...

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Virginia Work Camp

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What a great way to wrap up a busy June for us! All of you in Virginia who gathered this week for Work Camp are an amazing group of people! It was great not only to laugh with all of you, but also to get to meet so many of you after the show. We appreciate you letting us join you for an evening. And we applaud you for all your work and service to the community during the week of Work Camp! We can’t wait to hear from you and hopefully laugh with you again in the future. Keep up the great work!

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Fuego Time!

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This week we’re on our No Sleep Tour. Early morning flights and lots of driving. But it’s all worth it to get to meet all of you and enjoy some good laughs together. Last night at Camp Fuego in Louisiana, we met all of you fine people from Prozario, Texas and that guy Chris who’s talking British all week for no apparent reason. You also did a great job with the suggestions. Some of my favorites: the Cookie Monster, Batman dressed like a mummy, and the Macaroni Art Gallery. Nice work! I’ve been going to Fuego for a long...

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321 Improv loves Texas!

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The summer is going well here in Texas. Lots of great people and tons of great laughs! We’re in the middle of some quality time here at the Lakeview Baptist Assembly in Lone Star, Texas for NETxtreme Camps. We’ve really been enjoying the music of Luminate and the great bible teaching of Pat Cammarata. We’ve already met some great friends and the hospitality of the people at Lakeview is amazing! We also took a quick day out of our time here to head over to Lubbock Christian University and the Encounter Camp. Students were...

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Put some Tootsie Socks on that horse!

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Ladies, ladies, ladies; the kickoff night for the LYFE Women’s Conference at the Baptist Bible College was absolutely amazing last night! Thank you for letting us be part of the fun. The energy in that room was unbelievable! Tootsie Socks and Ostriches stole the show. And I still think it was Santa taking out that trash. We can’t wait to hear from you about the rest of the weekend. You’re going to have so much fun with Liz and Damaris. Oh, and that big laugher down front gasping for air turned out to be Damaris! Thank you...

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Busy Summer Ahead…

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We’ve been enjoying a little time off to rest up for the busy summer. But that rest time is about over. Next week we’ll be headed out to do some laughing! From the LYFE Women’s Conference in Pennsylvania, to the NETxtreme Camps in Texas, to our old friends at Camp Fuego in Louisiana, to Lubbock Christian University. It will be a crazy couple of weeks. We’re also very excited that the booking has started for our Fall Tour, Laugh With a Purpose. We’ll be out with our friend Tom Richter, a hilarious pastor from New...

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Women are great Laughers!!

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We had so much fun with all of you at The Gathering 2012 this weekend! Thank you for your enthusiasm not only for laughing and having fun, but also for living for God. We enjoyed laughing with all of you and especially getting to meet so many of you at the end of the night. Thanx for letting us be part of your weekend together!

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The Gathering

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We’re really looking forward to laughing with the ladies at The Gathering women’s conference tonight in Brighton, Michigan. We’ll also be selling our new DVD tonight for the first time! See you there!

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