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New Life 91.9FM and Friends Know How to Laugh!!

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Wow, what is going on in Charlotte, North Carolina??!! Last night was absolutely amazing! I heard from some people who couldn’t even get in because the event was sold out. And all of you who showed up brought some unbelievable energy! I loved the set up last night. Chick-fil-A sandwiches at the concession stand, a Valentine’s photo booth and some nice warm southern weather…well, 2 out of 3, right? Steve Brogan and his friends started the night off great. That guy Dean pretty much became a star with his performance. Then you unleashed an...

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A Great Week in Douglasville, Georgia!

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We would like to thank everyone at the Central Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia for a wonderful week together. We love the way you are reaching out to your community and we’re thankful we could be a small part of that! We got to be part of some school assemblies during the day and then some great shows each night with our good friend Harris III, the illusionist. The hospitality was unbelievable and the hard work all of you put in was impressive! Thank you all so much! We would love to get to laugh with all of you again some...

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West Texas Weekend Fun!

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I’m pretty sure we’ve never been to Snyder, Texas before, and our first trip here was amazing! It’s flat out here, but the sunsets are sweet! And I heard some of you even got up for the sunrise… It’s so cool that so many of you came out to C40 for the weekend. And it’s great to see a whole community come out to support this event. It’s always great to hang out with Kristian and the guys. They rocked it hard this weekend! And Ryan was an awesome speaker! I learned a lot from him and I loved how much he...

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Big Laughs Warm Up Cold Wasilla!

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Talk about your once in a lifetime opportunity. We had the privilege of traveling to Alaska AND we got to spend time with the fine people of Young Life in the Mat-Su Valley! When we left the Girls Getaway Cruise in South Florida it was 80 degrees. When we landed a couple days later in Anchorage it was -11! What a transition! But that didn’t stop us from having a great time. And the hospitality from all of you was amazing! We took the time to drive out to a glacier and then we discovered some great burgers at RW’s near Palmer....

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Family Life at the Beach!

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The fine people of Family Life have been around a long time and have probably helped more families and marriages than just about anybody. And last night, in Naples, Florida, we got to hang out with some of the people that make all of that happen. You guys were a great audience and we enjoyed even more getting to hang out with all of you afterward for the ice cream bar! The setting was great there on the gulf coast and it was nice to have one more day of warmth before we head north to Alaska. The majority of the suggestions at our show came...

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Girlst Getaway 2012 !!

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It never changes. You get a large group of women away from their families, set out to sea on a big cruise ship, and you have the makings of an incredible time! The Girls Getaway Cruise was full of a lot of laughs, great food, great friendships and more amazing food! We got to hang out with some old friends who we’ve done events with in the past like Jimmy Needham and Harris III, and we also got to meet some new friends like Chonda Pierce. And we’re holding Chonda to that "let’s tour together" idea! But it really...

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Big Laughs in Boynton Beach!

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New friends, old friends, acquaintances and family all gathered in Boynton Beach for a great time of laughter last night. And you were a great audience! Excellent suggestions, good energy and of course, great hospitality after the show when Barkley served us a feast! The suggestions ranged from submarine and a bucket of snow, to electric trains and measurer of french fries. But I think my favorite one was the infomercial about turtles made out of Slinkies. Or as Matt described them "Possum Slinkies". Today we jump on a cruise ship...

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25th Anniversary of the Youth Rally in Ocean City!

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It was a great weekend in Ocean City and we really enjoyed our time with all of you. Our friends from Leeland did a great job as always and Reggie was his usual amazing self. And we feel like we have a bunch of new friends from all over Pennsylvania, Maryland and the great state of Delaware. I’m so glad that penquin was there in the front row all weekend. It was comforting to see his constant presence. And he inspired what was probably the best suggestion of the weekend when the penguin stole the bananas and killed the cat. Although...

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Video: What Is 321 Improv?

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