This week we’re on our No Sleep Tour. Early morning flights and lots of driving. But it’s all worth it to get to meet all of you and enjoy some good laughs together.

Last night at Camp Fuego in Louisiana, we met all of you fine people from Prozario, Texas and that guy Chris who’s talking British all week for no apparent reason.

You also did a great job with the suggestions. Some of my favorites: the Cookie Monster, Batman dressed like a mummy, and the Macaroni Art Gallery. Nice work!

I’ve been going to Fuego for a long time and you just never know what you’re going to run into.

Now we’re off to Virginia to laugh with our friends from the Arlington Diocese. Another early flight and another long drive, but we’ll be ready to go at show time.

Thanx to all of you who have made our summer so much fun already. And keep on laughin!