We’ve been enjoying a little time off to rest up for the busy summer. But that rest time is about over. Next week we’ll be headed out to do some laughing!

From the LYFE Women’s Conference in Pennsylvania, to the NETxtreme Camps in Texas, to our old friends at Camp Fuego in Louisiana, to Lubbock Christian University. It will be a crazy couple of weeks.

We’re also very excited that the booking has started for our Fall Tour, Laugh With a Purpose. We’ll be out with our friend Tom Richter, a hilarious pastor from New York City. We can’t wait to see all of you on that tour. Keep an eye on our schedule to see those dates as they get booked.

It’s been a fun spring hearing from so many of you here on our new website, and also on Facebook and Twitter. We appreciate all of your support!

Keep on Laughing!