The fine people of Family Life have been around a long time and have probably helped more families and marriages than just about anybody.

And last night, in Naples, Florida, we got to hang out with some of the people that make all of that happen.

You guys were a great audience and we enjoyed even more getting to hang out with all of you afterward for the ice cream bar!

The setting was great there on the gulf coast and it was nice to have one more day of warmth before we head north to Alaska.

The majority of the suggestions at our show came from that one guy. I’d really like to know more about how that guy normally spends his time. I know it may be dangerous, but I’m most curious about how his brain works!

Thank you all so much for allowing us to be part of a fun night! And I think we’ll get the chance to laugh together again when we ride along on the Family Life Marriage Cruise in 2013.

Keep up the great work of helping families and marriages! Thank you for what you do!