October was a fun month. We got to spend some quality time with our friend Tom Richter on the Laugh With a Purpose Tour.

Anytime we get together with Tom you can count on 2 things; lots of laughs, and even more board games.

We did manage to fit in a few more things this time around. Including several nights of parking lot frisbee before the show and even 18 holes of disc golf.

We spent a couple of nights in Canada and discovered that in addition to a Tim Horton’s on every corner, they also have some pretty tasty chicken wings.

The tour was so much fun! The venues were great, the audiences were incredible, and the late night board games at the hotel would have been better if Mike would have let somebody else win. But for me the highlight of the tour listening to the great message Tom shared each night.

A great reminder that everything here on earth pales in comparison to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thank you to all of you who laughed with us on the tour. And thank you Tom for your friendship and for your commitment to share the Good News.

We’ll definitely be doing this again!