Wow, what is going on in Charlotte, North Carolina??!! Last night was absolutely amazing!

I heard from some people who couldn’t even get in because the event was sold out. And all of you who showed up brought some unbelievable energy!

I loved the set up last night. Chick-fil-A sandwiches at the concession stand, a Valentine’s photo booth and some nice warm southern weather…well, 2 out of 3, right?

Steve Brogan and his friends started the night off great. That guy Dean pretty much became a star with his performance.

Then you unleashed an incredible North Carolina version of creative and weird on us. We went from window tinting and working in a sewer; to plates of scrambled eggs and nose hair trimmers; all the way to mosquito wrangling and podiatry!

But when we talk about the suggestions of the night, I would really like to talk to the person that came up with the hang gliding camel. I also really enjoyed the nanny in a Batman costume.

You guys really were one of the best audiences we’ve been in front of. It was a truly enjoyable night.

So thank you again to Cramer Pest Control, the Ross / Haegler Group, Northside Baptist Church and New Life 91.9FM for an unbelievable evening!! When do we get to do it again?