Hello Pittsburgh…and West Virginia…and Ohio… Thank you for letting us join you for all the fun tonight at the North Hills Church of Christ.

We were able to fit in a lot of laughs and even some quality frisbee time in the parking lot.

We started off the day with some third degree burns from the deep fryer at the BK Lounge. And we quickly moved to the crab boat captain wearing a Teletubbie costume.

There was a little violence in that afternoon session when Matt let his puppy play with the invisible fence. And then that lady got her kneecaps all busted up. Ouch!

And you sent us off with the bird cage cleaning podiatrist. Where did that one come from?

I’m sure we’ll see many of you at Winterfest in Gatlinburg in February. Be sure to look us up and say hello!

We had a great time! Thanx!