I’m pretty sure we’ve never been to Snyder, Texas before, and our first trip here was amazing! It’s flat out here, but the sunsets are sweet! And I heard some of you even got up for the sunrise…

It’s so cool that so many of you came out to C40 for the weekend. And it’s great to see a whole community come out to support this event.

It’s always great to hang out with Kristian and the guys. They rocked it hard this weekend!

And Ryan was an awesome speaker! I learned a lot from him and I loved how much he used the bible when he spoke!

We really enjoyed our time with all of you. Laughing together, playing Jasper, it was all great!

We got off to a good start Friday night training camels to deliver Chinese food.

Saturday morning I’m not sure most of you were awake yet, but the armpit sniffer was a nice suggestion. And Mike’s “monkey stuck in an egg” was quite entertaining!

By our last session you were very warmed up! A camel riding a tricycle was a good one. I also enjoyed the stolen tater tots and the stuffed monkey holding a pea.

I think the best suggestion was the rainforest in the world’s largest toilet. That was a very unique hike!

Hopefully we’ll all get the chance to laugh together again! We had a great time!