We got to visit another Work Camp this week near Washington D.C. with our friends from the Arlington Diocese. And it was another amazing time!

We had a little trouble getting there with some delayed flights, but we made it and it was a great night!

I’m still a little concerned about that group from Leesburg. They’re a long way from normal, but to us that’s a good thing.

We wandered a bit trying to figure out some of the suggestions. We had Cupid connecting people at Target when it was really just a garbage man wearing a robot helmet and a bib.

And then there was the Os-pig that sneezed diamonds. Enough said there, right?

And how about the Peanut Butter Jar Vacuum Sealer? Nice work on that one!

You guys were a ton of fun! We’d love to laugh with you again. And we’d love for you to share what your favorite parts of the night were…